The first thing you should do when buying a new PC

One of the reasons PCs can be bought for very little money, is bloatware. Bloatware is pre-installed software you didn’t ask for. PC manufacturers get money from companies by putting trial versions of their software on new PCs, in the hope that you’ll turn into a paying customer when the trial expires.

Examples of these programs are virus scanners, office software, video editors, music streaming programs, games, and more. Many of these programs automatically run in the background, slowing your brand new machine down.

Windows 10 is the fastest, most optimized OS Microsoft has ever put out, and it especially just flies on a machine that has an SSD. It really is a shame that it gets bogged down from the moment you boot up for the first time. It also has built-in virus protection that does a fine job, so there really is no need for a paid subscription to a third-party solution anymore.

Luckily, Microsoft has released an easy to use, free tool to wipe all this garbage off, and start completely clean. After running it, you will have a machine with Windows on it, and nothing else. There is no need for codes and activation and all that, as your license will be restored automatically.

Download it here, and follow the very simple instructions. You’ll have the option to keep your personal files, but if you just bought a brand new machine, you might as well just do a complete wipe.

Download and installation will take a couple of hours, but after that, you can enjoy your brand new PC like it should be!